Terra Thread

September 17, 2018

It feels like it has been ages since I wrote a blog post! Thank you all for hanging in there while we’ve been going through the moving process. We’re back and couldn’t be happier about the little hints of fall that we are seeing and feeling everywhere.

We are particularly excited about a new brand that we’ve just added to the marketplace: Terra Thread! I came across Terra Thread the way that I come across everything now-a-days: instagram. Not only do they have a variety of beautiful bags and a loyal following that post gorgeous pictures, but all of their products are fair trade AND organic! Speaking my language here!

Terra Thread is an earth motivated company that is producing a collection of bags that are made in a Fair Trade Certified Factory (Fair Trade International and Fair Trade USA) with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Meeting these standards requires a serious amount of commitment and effort and it is what I believe every brand should be striving for. Fair Trade Certification ensures that workers have a fair wage and collective bargaining rights, read more about Fair Trade USA certification here. GOTS certification includes some additional social criteria for workers and a lot of criteria for the way that cotton is processed and dyed, read more about that here. Terra Thread is fully committed to ethical and sustainable fashion and shows it by using Fair Trade Certified factories and GOTS certified cotton. They are setting a high bar in the fashion industry and exemplifying what can and should be done to ensure that the goods we buy do good in the communities where they are produced.

Terra Thread is based in Orange County, California and their products have a very California vibe. All bags come in a variety of colors including some standard neutrals and some gorgeously wearable jewel tones. The backpacks are a great additions to your ‘back to school’ gear, your ‘ride around town’ gear, or your ‘I have too much to carry out to my car’ gear. The backpack is simple and classic like those very popular Fjallraven backpacks but ring in at about half the price, plus they are organic! And fairtrade! Yes and yes!

All of their products are well thought out and beautifully minimalist. I’m thinking about picking up a string bag for general grocery shopping and a backpack for some nice fall hikes... maybe in yellow!

Check them out in the marketplace and on their website linked here!