May 16, 2018

Everlane seems to be everywhere recently. Is that just me? I feel like everywhere I look I see their beautiful sweaters, perfectly cut jeans, and sleek shoes. They’ve taken over the internet! Or maybe just my computer. I am so drawn to the Everlane aesthetic and I was really excited to dig into their ethos a little bit. Here’s what I found:

Everlane was founded by a 25 year old (!) in 2011 with 1.1 million dollars from investors (!!). They’ve gone through a lot of growth since then and expanded their inventory from a simple t-shirt to an assorted selection of items including underwear, denim, and a brand new selection of beautiful dresses. Everlane is, at least in my view, one of the most popular American clothing brands whose practices are considered to be ethical and sustainable. And rightfully so, their pieces are luxurious, timeless, and sort of affordable.

Everlane works hard to ensure that the factories it works with make great quality garments and treat their employees fairly. They spend months researching and forming relationships with factories to produce high quality garments that they can sell at a reasonable price. Each factory goes through a compliance audit which is used to evaluate wages, hours, and environment, however the actual contents of these audits and the factory scores are not disclosed. Everlane does disclose the names of most of the factories it partners with and quite a bit of information about each factory (in the past they had come under fire for some secrecy around this). In doing some research about these factories I was pleasantly surprised to learn that some, not all, are pursuing or participating in certifiable ethical and sustainable practices. Everlane works with 6 factories in China, 6 in Italy, 3 in Vietnam, 1 in Sri Lanka, 1 in Peru, 1 in the USA, and 1 in Spain.

Beside it’s factories, Everlane prides itself on its pricing which it describes as ‘radically transparent’. They disclose the costs of production for each garment including materials, labor, transport, duties, and hardware. Through this they illustrate that they have about half of the traditional mark-up (2-3x vs. 5-6x).

The end result of this transparency surrounding factories and pricing are luxury basics, often made in the same factories as designer products, for moderate prices that are drawing people away from fast fashion. Everlane’s garments are designed to last and they don’t prescribe to trends, thus they are timeless and, with proper care, could be worn for decades.

This is what, to me , it seems is the ethos of Everlane, exemplified here by Everlane founder: “The best way to be environmentally sustainable is to create really great quality clothing that lasts and has a lasting timestamp”. Less clothing purchased = Less clothing produced = Less environmental degradation/impact = Fewer people working in unsafe working conditions for unfair wages helping to churn the every spinning wheel of fast fashion. (That may have taken a logical leap there at the end, but it’s mostly accurate).

Everlane produces so many beautiful pieces that could easily fit into any wardrobe, they are making waves in the clothing industry in the United States, and they are striving to produce their garments ethically and sustainably. What’s not to love?

Product Review:

I recently updated my capsule wardrobe and after much hemming and hawing I settled on The Modern Boyfriend jeans and The Modern Point shoes from Everlane. I have been very impressed with both.

I am still working on stretching the shoes, which I knew would be narrow, but am making progress. They are beautiful and I look forward to the day that they are perfectly formed to my feet.

I feel pretty good about the jeans too. As someone who hasn’t worn jeans much in the past 5 or so years, I like them. They are the perfect amount of stretch and not too thick or thin. I was worried that they wouldn’t fit but I took my measurements and picked the size that matched and whoot whoot they fit! I’m even considering getting them in another wash but there is that new ‘cheeky’ cut they just launched… so who knows.

Check them out in the marketplace and on their website linked here!