People Tree

January 10, 2018

In the beginning of my search for ethical fashion brands, whose principles I could both find and support, People Tree was a shining beacon of hope that alleviated much of my frustration with the fashion industry. The ethics that this brand represents are unbesmirched, the clothing is beautiful, and there is a lot of it! It is somewhere that I have had to exercise some serious restraint while browsing product after product and imagining my life decked out in elegant, ethical clothing.

What follows is a little bit of praise for a brand that is setting the ethical and environmental standard for garment production in the developing world. I’m also including some of my favorite pieces so that you too can imagine your life dressed up in elegant, ethical clothing.

People Tree is a pioneer in ethical and environmentally sustainable fashion. People Tree’s garments are impeccably designed including modern workwear pieces, flirty bohemian dresses, and sophisticated evening wear. This well rounded clothing brand was born out of the dreams of Safia Minney in 1991. Her desire was to ensure that producers, garment workers, artisans, and farmers received fair treatment in safe working conditions as well as a living wage. In 2013, just over 20 years after it's formation, People Tree became the first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organization’s Fair Trade product mark. This ensures that the brand is 100% committed to Fair Trade. People Tree follows the principles of fair trade in every aspect of their business and has been helping to alleviate poverty in the world’s most marginalized communities since it’s formation.

90% of People Tree’s products and materials are produced by World Fair Trade Organization certified groups in countries including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Kenya. People Tree has partners all over the world that produce ethical and eco fashion collections as alternatives to the fast fashion industry. People Tree also encourages growth within the small businesses that they contract with by sharing knowledge about the industry and providing financial assistance when needed.

While focused on ethically produced fashion, People Tree also was the first organization to achieve Global Organic Textile Standard certification on a supply chain that is located entirely in the 'developing' world. People Tree works hard to ensure that production of garments has minimal environmental impact including organic cotton production, azo-fee dyes and the preference for natural, local, and recycled products over synthetic, non-biodegradable ones. People Tree makes the effort to use natural resources throughout production to promote environmentally responsible initiatives for a sustainable future.

I hope that you enjoy imagining your life decked out in People Tree's ethical, sustainable clothing as much as I do! Check out their website here. Thanks for reading, more brand profiles to come!