Valentine's Day

January 30, 2021

It’s been a rough year physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially for many of us, so if you have someone in your life who has been keeping you company (virtually or IRL) it’s a nice time of year to thank them and express how much it has helped you through. Often the most heart feltway to do this is to just say it out loud to them but if you’d like a little assistance, I’ve included some ideas below.

The Chocolate Lover

Tony's Chocolonely

I gave this to my significant other for xmas and honestly will definitely repurchase. We'd had it before and it is *so* good. But this time we got the rainbow variety pack and have really had a good time taste-testing and discussing/ranking the flavors. They’re a bit pricey but the Tony the chocolatier guarantees that there is no child or slave labor used, which is sadly pretty common in chocolate production. So not only is it *literally* the best chocolate that I have ever had, it’s also supporting a brand that is trying to change the way that chocolate is produced.

The Comfort King/Queen

Alternative Apparel Matching Sweatsuit

Another gift I gave to my significant other in the midst of lockdown. And I've got to say, the matching sweatsuit really does elevate loungewear. This particular set is soooo soft. Remarkably soft, I actually remarked on it this week post-hug. So if you’re person/people are stuck at home,this might make them feel a little better about it. Also you could get one for yourself! Pricey but totally worth it.


Show your loved one that you care about their comfort! New pajamas, new socks, new undies (love this pattern!), or new sheets. All organic and fair trade! These are some seriously comfy items that I’m sure your person will appreciate.

Boll and Branch

Buying your partner new sheets may seem boring but really, is it? These organic sheets are beautifully made and will truly show your partner that you care about their sleep (high priority in these stressful times). Plus this is actually a gift for both of you.

The Kitchen Connoisseur

Our Place

The raved about Always Pan has probably crossed your radar by now and the 5 star reviews keep rolling in. It’s also currently available in a very Valentine's Day appropriate color called ‘Heat’. Might be the perfect gift for someone who is just moving out on their own or someone who is upgrading their kitchen tools. Additionally, the plates, bowls, and cups from Our Place are gorgeous so if you or someone you know is in need of replacing their paper or plastic habit, these fairly affordable pieces are a good place to start.

The Fashionista


Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the intricacies of someones fashion sense to know that they will love a cozy (possibly cashmere) sweater or scarf from Everlane. Stick to a neutral color palette if you’re worried. I have a cashmere scarf from Everlane and it is *chef’s kiss*.


Are we opting for jewelry this Valentine’s? You can't go wrong with ABLE. I love both their classic pieces (monogrammed bar necklace) and their quirky pieces (fortune cookie necklace). Bonus: jewelry is made in the USA!

Amour Vert

No matter what you are looking for Amour Vert has got you covered. Everything on their website is gorgeous and ethically made. They’ve got jewelry, sweaters, loungewear, and some home goods. Have a browse and maybe you’ll find something you (erm your significant other) cant live without.

Girlfriend Collective

To be honest I have never worked out in my Girlfriend leggings, I use them as more of a ‘wear all the time’ item and don’t want to have them sit in my hamper for any period of time. Made from recycled plastic these garments are real workhorses in my wardrobe. If you want to play it safe (and maybe you do) they’ve got some outerwear that is pretty high on my list of things I love. Or if you want to take it up a notch, they’ve got some sustainable/sexy underwear that might do the trick


One of my favorite Valentine’s gifts ever was a playlist/mixtape (remember making these?) Compiling a playlist of thoughtful songs takes real time and effort and is one of the sweetest things. I am also partial to heart shaped food. That could be pancakes in the morning or pizza at night. Again, it’s the effort that shows much you care.