how did we get here? a journey toward ethical clothing

November 2, 2017

I feel like I have spent an unreasonable amount of time in the last few years trying to shop for ethical, sustainable, conscious clothing. I say “trying” because I often get frustrated with my research and am reluctant to make the purchase. Researching brands and brand certifications is often confusing and, quite frankly, disappointing.

I have read and bookmarked so many blog posts with titles like “the 30 best ethical fashion brands to shop right now”. I’ve used these for countless entries on my ‘ethical clothing’ spreadsheet (yes I’m one of those people), where I try to distinguish between ‘ethical’ and ‘conscious’ and ‘sustainable’. Also, what do these words actually mean? who is doing certifications? and what does it take to get certified? I will attempt to answer these questions in the following blog posts.

Back to my point, spreadsheets and blogs are not what I need to find ethical clothing. I am a busy woman and I just want to have a nice shopping experience with a glass of wine, dammit. And if I’m going to spend a small fortune on a pair of loafers then I want to be able to easily compare the price/material/style etc. without flipping between several different tabs to make sure I’m getting the best product for me, and for my cause.

I know that a website/marketplace like Just Ethical Goods will help me shop smarter and easier, and I imagine that it can help other people too.

So here it goes.