December 14, 2020

Tradlands is a company that produces a relatively small collection of classic, menswear inspired clothing for women. The founder began creating these menswear inspired pieces after being frustrated with the quality of clothing being produced for women by the fast fashion industry. She would buy vintage men’s clothing and tailor them to fit using her sewing machine at home. This was how she began to distance herself from the exhausting churn of fast fashion and minute by minute trends.

Tradlands was officially started in 2012 to fill a hole in the market. Instead of looking to runways for the next big trends, Tradlands is focused on perfecting timeless pieces, and making them from quality fabric so that they would last for decades to come.

Tradlands makes it a priority to pay a living wage to adults to sew their high quality garments and do so in an environment that is clean and safe. They also perform yearly audits of factories to ensure employee satisfaction and environmental accountability. As their website states: “It doesn’t matter how beautiful a garment looks if human beings and the environment are exploited in the process.”

There is an environmental impact that goes along with tradlands garments too. Because their garments are meant to be worn year after year, the carbon that is emitted during production and transportation of fast fashion is largely avoided. Wearing a garment 50 times vs. 5 times (the average for fast fashion pieces) releases 400% less carbon emissions per garment per year. This is another reason why it is important to buy quality clothing and this is why Tradlands is doing what they do: it’s sustainable, it’s ethical, and it’s fashionable.

Tradlands is thinking ahead to the you in 10 or 20 years. The you that is still wearing that classic shirt that has seen you through job interviews, dinners out, dinners in, and picnics in the park. They are thinking about the future of your garment and everytime we buy clothing we should be thinking about that too. Will they be in a landfill at the end of the year? Are they recyclable? Are they biodegradable? Will they still be in your closet, loved and full of memories when we are all driving space cars? Tradlands thinks so, and I do too.

Check out their beautiful products in our marketplace and on their website here!