Amour Vert

November 2, 2020

Amour Vert or ‘Green Love’ in french is a brand that is constantly pushing the envelope on how sustainable they can be. From fabric production all the way through the eventual disposal of the garment, Amour Vert strives to be both ethical and sustainable.


Approximately 60% of a garment’s environmental impact happens during fiber and fabric production. That is why Amour Vert partners directly with mills to ensure the quality and sustainability of their fabrics. The fabrics that they create are soft, wearable, and durable.

  • Amour Vert’s TENCEL™ Modal is made from beachwood, is pesticide free, and completely biodegradable.
  • Amour Vert’s TENCEL™ Lyocell is made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees.
  • Amour Vert’s hemp fabric is made from hemp plants which are naturally resistant to pests, require little water, and the fabric made from this plant is one of the strongest fabrics available.
  • Amour Vert’s cotton fabric is made from Certified Organic Cotton plants that are not grown with any pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides and require less water than conventionally grown cotton.
  • Amour Vert’s Silk is made from silkworms, is a highly renewable resource with a low water footprint, and is OEKO-TEX® certified which means that it is entirely non toxic.
  • Amour Vert’s Wool is made from recycled wool and Merino wool from mills in Italy and Australia. This Ethical Wool is highly sustainable and biodegradable, additionally wool is one of the most recyclable fibers.
Garment Production:

97% of garment production occurs within a few miles of Amour Vert’s San Francisco office as local production ensures that the clothing has a very small carbon footprint. 6 garment factories are listed on their website 5 of which are located in San Francisco, CA and 1 in Oakland, CA. None of the factories listed employ more than 20 people.

The proximity of their factories to the Amour Vert office ensures accountability on both sides. The factories are accountable for producing quality garments and Amour Vert is accountable for paying a wage to ensure that these factories are safe and that the workers are content in their jobs. Amour Vert’s pieces are also made in limited quantities to ensure the highest production standard and eliminate waste.


Conventionally garments are stored and shipped in plastic bags. Amour Vert has replaced those plastic bags with compostable protective bags so that their garments can be shipped plastic free.

All of their packaging is made from recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks.


To top it all off for every tee shirt purchased, Amour Vert has partnered with American Forests and made the commitment to plant a tree in North America. At the time of writing this...318,360 trees have been planted. This aids in carbon sequestration (removing pollutants from the air), water-loss prevention (ground cover in the form of vegetation prevents evaporation and run off from the soil), and reforestation (results in ecosystem restoration and habitats for all sorts of critters).

My impressions:

I knew Amour Vert was great, I knew they were setting the bar, but I didn't know they were setting the bar this high. I am completely in awe. Not only are they producing sustainable fabrics that are biodegradable(!), producing locally to ensure jobs in their local economy and reducing the carbon footprint of their clothing(!), using plastic free packaging (!), but they are restoring forests in north america.

The clothing they produce is beautiful and unique. The shapes, the fabrics, the patterns are all begging to be part of your wardrobe for the next 10 years, which is precisely the goal of slow fashion: buy less, buy well, wear it forever.

I’m a total fangirl for Amour Vert but I think even from an objective point of view they are really making moves in sustainable fashion.