December 14, 2018

I covet nearly all of the Nisolo shoes and several of their bags. I look longingly at them online, I admire their beautifully curated instagram posts, I have something from this brand on my wishlist at any given point in the year. So we are very pleased that we are able to add their products to the marketplace this month!

Nisolo ticks all of the boxes on our lists: conscious, ethical, sustainable. check. check. check.

Nisolo produces quality pieces that are timeless thereby breaking the cycle of fast fashion which dictates that consumers constantly buy new low quality pieces to replace their old low quality pieces that have fallen apart. Instead Nisolo’s pieces will last decades and stand the test of trends gone by.

Nisolo’s products are produced ethically in Peru, Mexico, and Kenya at factories where all employees receive, at a minimum, above-fair-trade wages, healthcare, and a healthy working environment. (read more about their factories here).

Lastly, Nisolo is also working to offset the carbon emissions of their production by keeping sections of the Peruvian rainforest alive and protected while helping to create livelihoods for its indigenous inhabitants. Because trees naturally capture CO2—the atmosphere’s most abundant greenhouse gas—forest conservation is one of our greatest tools in combating climate change.

Because of all of these things and the fact that their products make me want to buy all new shoes (I promise I won’t), we are very excited and pleased to include this brand in our marketplace. Check Nisolo out on there website here or in our marketplace alongside your other favorite ethical brands.