October 17, 2018

Fashionable has been around and promoting their ethos for a long time. They caught my eye well before I started shopping ethically but I have been keeping a close watch on them because of the quality of their bags and shoes. I bought myself one of their beautiful bags for xmas last year and I gotta say that it has become a staple in my wardrobe. All of their pieces are made to last and made to be timeless. FashionABLE produces pieces that are what I like to call ‘elevated basics’. They are basics but there is a little bit extra pizazz: a cuff here, a twist there. It makes all the difference.

We’re very excited to add FashionABLE to the list of brands we have in the Just Ethical Goods marketplace. Not only do we admire their mission but we love their products!

The idea for FashionABLE came to founder Barrett Ward while he was living in Ethiopia. There he witnessed the devastating cycle of extreme poverty that forces many women into prostitution to be able to feed their families. Armed with academic studies indicating that empowering women is the best way to empower a community, Ward started FashionABLE. FashionABLE provides women the opportunity to earn a living wage in a dignified way; which directly impacts the communities where these women live and helps to disrupt the cycle of extreme poverty.

The company started production with just one scarf and has grown to produce jewelry, shoes, bags, and clothing (including denim!). As the company has grown, so have their goals. The founders created AccountABLE, a reporting system that provides unparalleled transparency into the impact of their employment and manufacturing practices, particularly the impact on women. They are the first company to publish the wages of all of their employees, not just an average. They believe that protecting and investing in women will heal the world, and they want to empower consumers to have a quick and easy choice to demand change.

Now working with women in Peru, Mexico, and the US as well as Ethiopia, ABLE continues to drive the industry forward by demanding transparency in their own supply chain and encouraging consumers to be conscious about their purchases and vote with their dollar.

A few of my favorite things from FashionABLE include the Sarai D'Orsay flats which I have been looking at for at least a year (hello my name is Larissa and I am a reluctant shopper), the Rojas mules with their extra chunky heel (blue suede shoes?, oh hell yes), the Marlene Mules, the triangle coin purse!, the Abera convertible backpack(!), the Rachel tote with its little knots, the Nile Earrings, all of the stackable rings, the Velasquez Wrap Dress which will transition perfectly from work to happy hour, and the Rosario Jumpsuit which should already be in my closet. And don't even get me started on the denim. I have too many favorites to list, obviously.

You should probably do yourself a favor and hop over to the marketplace or visit their website (here) and have a nice long scroll sesh.